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Taztanks Civil Contracting our partner business can prepare your Tank base and plumbing trenches, making the purchase of your water tank easy by only dealing with one company for the complete job.

Taztanks Civil Contracting has over 25 years experience with all civil construction works and can guarantee the job will be done right the first time.

All steel liner tanks have to be installed on a LASER Levelled pad or they wont erect correctly. By getting us to complete the Base you are safe guarding yourself against the possibilty of extra expenses if we arrive to install and your base isnt Level or completed correctly.

Taztanks is also happy for you to organise for your own pad to be completed and we will give guidelines on what is required. We just ask that you sign our pad prep agreement so we know you are aware of what is required for your tank install.

Taztanks Civil Contracting Site Examples

Taztanks Civil Contracting Site Example

Taztanks Civil Contracting Site Example

 If you would like us to quote your Tank pad please give us a call and we will arrange to do a site inspection.

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