Dam Liners & Tank Liners in Tasmania from Bartlett Water Services


Bartlett Water Services is an Australian family owned and operated company Situated in Ballarat Victoria. They specialize in a number of products such as Dam Liners, Tank Liners and Water Transfer products.

Please give us a call with your measurements and we will supply you with a quote.

Dam Liners

Bartlett’s high quality, durable dam liners are manufactured from a range of fabrics:

  • Prevent water loss through seepage.
  • Allow water purity and quality to be maintained.
  • Provide a cost effective alternative to Clay or Bentonite.
  • Are custom made and can be installed by our specialised C.E Bartlett on-site team.
  • Suit any size applications.

Bartlett can provide a liner application for:

  • Dams of any dimensions.
  • Golf course irrigation dams.
  • Mines.
  • Industrial & Commercial water storage facilities.
  • Waste Water treatment facilities.
  • Reservoirs.
  • Chemical water storage facilities.

Tank Liners

Bartlett’s supply multiple Liner Fabrics to fix your existing concrete tank. Whatever your need be it potable water or for a different type of liquid we should be able to source a liner to suit your exact needs. Give Taztanks a call today with your Concrete Tanks measurements (Diameter and Height) and receive an estimate over the phone on the spot.

Taztanks also use banding to secure your leaking concrete tank to help stabilize the walls after they have weakened.

Taztanks also does Re-Roofing of existing water tanks with Trusses and Colorbond® or Zincalume Roof Sheets.

Water Transfer Products

Flexiflume is the original woven lay flat fluming providing a fully portable water transfer system. Flexiflume is adaptable, durable and widely used for both row crop irrigation and water transfer:

  • Manufactured from woven polyethylene fabric, Flexiflume has the capacity to handle large volumes of water over a variety of terrains.
  • Ideal for all irrigation applications. Flexiflume carries a 5 year UV Warranty.
  • Flexiflume is built to withstand high volume, low pressure water transfer over carrying distances.
  • Bartlett also provide an array of fluming accessories including outlets, joiner clamps and cut off clamps.
  • Variable flow outlets can be regulated to control flow rates to suit any crop and soil type.

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